The Agency

Digital developments have permanently changed our interaction with the world around us. This phenomenon has disrupted the way institutions, brands, clients and audiences connect with each other. Whether it be culture or luxury, the public or private sector a similar question presents itself : how do we touch a general public that is frequently solicited and has become extremely exigent ?

A leading agency in art, culture and luxury, SISSO helps its clients define bespoke strategies and create innovative content to enhance their brand identity and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

In Japanese, SISSO means simplicity and economy of means, as well as uniqueness. It is in this mindset that SISSO designs and creates unique experiences tailored for your target audiences.

Our method is based on the complete understanding of your identity. Our goal : help you transform your digital identity into a real destination.

Notre Méthodologie


Understanding the client’s need, identity, objectives and target


Elaborating a custom strategy



Ladle in jars

Testing, integrating return


Spreading to the public