Centre National des Arts Plastiques


With the prospect of its installation in Pantin by 2024, the National Center for Visual Arts embarked on a groundbreaking project: the collections project. Over a span of three years, no less than 37,000 artworks stored in the reserves at La Défense underwent treatment as part of this endeavor. To successfully execute this ambitious project, a team of around twenty individuals joined the establishment. Within this context, the SISSO teams produced a series of 15 episodes chronicling the major stages of the project. Our filming crew, accompanied by a journalist, visited the site to film and interview the involved individuals. Subsequently, these footage segments were edited and accompanied by motion design, featuring a voice-over for which the script was written by our editorial team. This comprehensive setup allowed the general public to get a behind-the-scenes look at the project and to maintain a record of this unprecedented event!

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